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Reduce complexity: we are your single point of contact for Human Resources management, Finance and Administration and all the services you need for a flawless organisation.

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Whether in Italy or abroad, we offer you integrated services in HR and F&A. We start with the people and work our way up to the business. The results we bring you are measurable: improved efficiency, simplification in everything that can be simplified (and more!) and enhanced decision-making processes with the best possible practices.

We can make this happen thanks to 3 characteristics that set us apart:

Broad and comprehensive offer

We are the only company in the Italian market that can provide you with integrated HR, Finance & Administration services.
We provide you with the best ideas, skills, and technologies available.
Look no further!


International presence

We are proud to be international: we can assist you both in Italy and in Europe and the rest of the world.
With us you truly have no borders, only frontiers we will help you open!


Strategic partnerships

We believe in the power of collaboration: we partner with many prominent companies, such as SAP and Oracle.
Together with SD Worx and other prestigious international providers, we are part of the Payroll Services Alliance.

From payroll to back office administration, from labour consulting to planning and management control: with us, you have access to a unique variety of scalable and integrable services and solutions that is unmatched.

We know how to support your company's growth with the highest flexibility, making your business ready and responsive to change.

Having us on your side allows you to draw on strong multidisciplinary skills: we will be your trusted reference and will lead the way, day after day, to your goals.

Our services at a glance:


Human Resources

Human Capital Management
  • Payroll 
  • Employee expense management and shift scheduling
  • Timesheet management 
  • Employment consultancy

Integrated Business Solutions: HR
  • Labour costing and budgeting
    Labour budgeting and planning management
  • Corporate welfare
    Corporate welfare management through proprietary software
  • Training and public-funded training
    Management of paperwork and scheduling of training activities, internships and mandatory training
  • Human Capital Management – HCM
    Sourcing and recruiting candidates, career development, workforce information and personal data management
  • Tax services
    730, Modello Unico, patronage services for companies
  • Contract control
    Joint and several liability, tax, VAT control, DURC compliance, etc.
  • Communication
    Communication plans, press office and social media management
  • Health and safety
    Assistance in drafting Risk Assessment files, audit activities and external appointment of RSPP
  • Staffing
    Selection, training, administration and staff leasing 

Finance and Control

  • Back office administration 
  • General and analytical accounting
  • Planning and control
Business Solutions
  • Electronic invoicing
    Invoicing management, fully automated and integrated with leading ERP products
  • Tax litigation services
    Litigation management through direct access to ADE and competent authorities
  • Accounting and Double-entry bookkeeping
    From taking charge of the SB, to complaint management and debt collection: a complete service for your administration functions
  • Statutory and consolidated financial statements
    We guarantee the complete management of statutory and consolidated financial statements through a team of highly skilled talents
  • Commercial agent management
    The process is automated and managed by an integrated platform in MyArea. This service includes the payment of Enasarco contributions, employee and self-employed income tax return electronic filing (CU, 770), F24 forms and Tax Registry
  • Accounting consultancy
    Planning and control systems design. Due diligence and preparation of business plans, training, and compliance

Our approach is a 5-pillar strategy that delivers the highest levels of service, consultancy, and technological support.

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We can transfer knowledge and skills to you in a targeted manner, and support you during work peaks.


Our experts constantly support you in the management of human resources and accounting.


You can choose to outsource only a sub-set of tasks, such as payroll and accounting.

Advanced BPO

You can trust us with managing the entire process for you: no need to worry about complexity anymore!


With us you get access to the best-in-class payroll and accounting management software offered as-a-service.