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FIS was founded to provide fiduciary, tax, and corporate services to the Italian clients of a Swiss auditing firm.
In the same year, the employment consultancy firm ANTEX was founded.


In the 1970s, FIS began to offer administration and accounting services.
In the same decade, ANTEX also developed its own outsourcing activities.



In the 1990s, FIS further expanded its range of services, also adding  personnel administration.
ANTEX acquired the "personnel administration" business units from a number of multinationals.


FIS leaves the audit network to which it had been connected up to this point.
The time was right to establish itself as an independent player in the field of administrative and personnel administration.


Fis Antex Group is the result of the merger between FIS, which had become a leader in integrated services in the administration field, and ANTEX, now considered a reference point for personnel administration and management services.


Argos Soditic fund acquires the Fis Antex Group.
From this moment, the Group evolves into a multi-service company with a multinational reach.


F2A is created from the merger between FIS and ANTEX: a unique hub in the Italian  scenario, that is able to offer services and consultancy both in administration and personnel management and in administration and control.


Ardian fund takes over 100% of F2A, with the aim of making it an ecosystem of companies in the administration services and consolidating its services at an international level.
The expansion phase begins with the HR acquisitions of Alpha Data Center and Business Data Service.



Through a strategic partnership, F2A continues its expansion with the acquisition of Consult Data, which further strengthens the Group in the area of personnel administration and management services.


Acquisitions continue. 
F2A Group also welcomes in Selesta Ingegneria, part of Zucchetti Group (timesheet software), and Archimede HR (shift scheduling).


Elaborazione Casagrande Srl, which had been operting in HR services for almost 25 years, and CMP Group, with its 50 years’ experience in the areas of administration, human resources, information technology, marketing, and communication management, also join F2A Group.


F2A acquires Besana and Cantù, a firm that had been operating in HR management for over 40 years.
This leads to the creation of F2D, Italy's first digital platform that provides administration and HR services to SMEs and startups, and Professional STP, a spin-off for F2A’s employment consultants and accountants.


F2A continues its growth with the aim of expanding its service offering and innovation in delivery processes.
It acquires 2B1 Group, a company specialised in accounting outsourcing  and administration back-office.


F2A Group acquires Easypay Srl, a company offering HR services (with a focus on payroll, tax, and corporate welfare), and ETAss, specialising in professional training services (funded and non-funded) and personnel management.


With the acquisition of Studio Harvard Errebi Srl, Ciesse Elaborazioni, Bartoli & Arveda, F2A proves to have a unifying role in specialised HR and F&A services.
The Group acquires a majority stake in 2A Group, a consulting firm that assists companies on ESG issues.


We count on a constantly expanding range of complementary and multidisciplinary competences: this means we have the perfect solution for your needs too, from A to Z.

Competent people and innovative technology: that is how we have achieved our goals.

2.3 million

payslips processed per year


active customers


million Euros in revenue last year

Over 1,200

people across our locations


offices in Italy and 2 in Albania

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Thanks to our daily commitment and persistent research we are able to innovate constantly and to respond flexibly to the demands of the Italian and international markets. And that's not all: our strong presence across the country allows us to be close to you along the way no matter where you are. Because technology is an essential tool, but empowering people is our ultimate goal.