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Here you'll find all you need to know about our work philosophy, and a list of open positions.

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We do not take your talent, ideas, and uniqueness for granted. We seek competence, ambition, and commitment; we offer growth, solidity and enthusiasm.
Joining our team means working in a workplace that is international and welcoming and committed to continuous improvement. And then we are (almost always)* friendly. 

*and sincere, as you can see.

Let’s face it: feeling well and enjoying life make employees motivated at work. And we do our best to support this virtuous circle. We want happy people around us. Who said work can’t be fun?

F2A Academy

We offer free training courses to under 29 year oldswho are seeking employment. Why?
We want to sow the seeds of knowledge to grow a better world.


Sustainable development

The goals defined by the UN are our lighthouse: gender equality, increased employee welfare, training, reduced environmental impact, innovation, and lasting, inclusive and sustainable economic growth.


Remote working

You won't have to “ask us” hoping to find a particularly magnanimous manager.
We introduced remote work in 2018. In 2020 we adopted a permanent Agile Work Regulation.
And that's it.


Family day

Every year, we hold a corporate family day and open our door (in our offices in Milan and Rome) to welcome your family.
If you have children, it will be exciting and constructive to show them where you work.


This is the part where we are supposed to boast about the numbers and achievements of our organisation, with a series of catchphrases that everyone will have already told you.

Let's cut to the chase instead: here is a taste of who we are. Have a look but then scroll down and send us your application: we want to get to know you and we want you to really get to know us.


Percentage of female employees


Percentage of employees hired on permanent contracts


Average hours of training provided in a year

Over 1,200

people across our locations


Percentage of women hired on a part-time contract

Maybe we don’t know it yet, and maybe it’s just a guess, but we could be great together.
Find out if you are the right fit for our current job vacancies, or, if you don't find a vacancy that suits you, apply spontaneously.