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Consultancy of work

We provide contract and regulatory assistance, including the management of social security, insurance and union relations.

The F2A method
Our experience, for you
Make the management of personnel and human resources of your company, even simpler. Our experts can support you in the management of all HR services, from the selection of personnel to the management of all administrative obligations.

Legal provision

  • Drafting and formulation of opinions, reports, contracts
  • Information on regulatory changes

Reports with institutions and trade unions

  • Management of insurance relationships, requests, administrative appeals
  • Management of relations with trade unions and negotiations for supplementary company contracts


  • Assistance in case of individual and collective dismissals
  • Administrative requirements for personnel operating abroad
About F2A

Working with the F2A team of consultants means being sure that we are always up-to-date on the new regulatory requirements.

Gianni Di Falco
HR Director of Zara