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Dear Stakeholders,
despite the uncertain times we are living in, at F2A we have been able to transformthe unexpected into new, agile and equally high-performance ways of working and to continue on the path of continuous growth and strengthening.


The pandemic had a strong impact on the economy, and although a promising recovery and a more serene 2022 were predicted in the last months of 2021, today we are dismayed by a war on the borders of Europe and the ongoing health crisis.


In a situation that will put markets and companies to the test, we have the chance to show customers once again that our work and services remain a solid point for them, a certainty they can rely on.


Over the last 2 years we have changed the way we work to ensure the safety of everyone – Employees, Customers, Suppliers – and we have implemented a working model that works and is widely appreciated by our colleagues: although the health situation is gradually returning to normal, at F2A we will continue to work in the remote working mode, with an on-site presence of around 50% of everyone’s time in flexible ways.


In parallel, we have grown rapidly in recent years, through both organic growth and acquisitions. The F2A expansion process will continue in the future in order to attract and consolidate new realities of excellence, and reinforce the skills and services provided to our customers.


Now, as we set our future goals, we feel we can demonstrate our ability to respond to new social and environmental demands arising from the economic model we are part of.


The document you are about to read is our first Sustainability Report and aims to promote an increasingly transparent dialogue with our stakeholders, defining targets for improvement consistent with the material issues identified; with a commitment to monitor them periodically in order to share progress with all parties and enhance the strategies being developed.


Happy reading!



Raul Mattaboni