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Continuous evolution
More services, even more efficient. Our commitment to research and development is constant, to provide you with all the technology you need.


New and competitive

User interface

Simple, like in the best clouds


Original and innovative

Online forms
Ability to fill out administrative forms online, to automate management.
Support interaction with employees, to answer questions and assist in using the programs.
Digitisation of documents
Ability to sign documents digitally thanks to the graphometric or electronic signature.
Strategic projects
New Employee Self Service
The service that allows employees to manage information, documents, attendance/absences and expense reports, even faster, more efficient and more flexible.
Strategic projects
The management of your human resources, without worries. We are working to make as many operations in our suite automated as possible, to save you on the longer tasks and speed up the work.
New checks based on the consistency of data and results, with simplification in error handling.
Machine learning
Possibility to detect and correct automatically the anomalies in the processing of pamphlets and attendance.
Robot Process Automation
Automation of operational processes that involve data entry operations, checks, check lists, workflows.
A new interface that is increasingly intuitive and suitable for users with different levels of expertise.
Increasing automation of procedures and checks on data.
New functionality
Development of additional features to increase the coverage of the various administrative cases.
Strategic projects
Volume module evolution
The module to manage everything related to your employees (personal data, coupons, social security aspects), will become more intuitive and automatic.
The F2A world
Innovation according to us

Every day we listen to the needs of our customers, to translate them into new, even more competitive services. For us, this is innovation.

Giorgio Colagrossi
Director IT / F2A